Writing Seminars Major Requirements

(Also see Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree)

AS.220.105 Introduction to Fiction & Poetry I and AS.220.106 Introduction to Fiction & Poetry II are prerequisite courses required for all majors and others who want to take advanced courses in writing. Majors must receive a grade of C- or better in all courses required for the major and no major requirements may be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory.  Courses taken at another institution that are not directly equivalent to a JHU course may not apply towards the twelve Writing Seminar Department courses (AS.220.xxx) required of the major without permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.  

AS.220.105Introduction to Fiction & Poetry I3
AS.220.106Introduction to Fiction & Poetry II3
Two courses of English literature 16
Two courses (at least 3 credits) in philosophy (AS.150.xxx or cross-listed with Philosophy) 26
Two courses (at least 3 credits) in history (AS.100.xxx or cross-listed with history), history of art (AS.010.xxx), or history of science and technology (AS.140.xxx) 26
AS.220.200The Craft of Fiction3
AS.220.201The Craft of Poetry3
One fiction course at the 300-400 level (with POS-Tag WRIT-FICT)3
Two Readings courses (with WRIT-READ)6
One poetry course at the 300-400 level (with WRIT-POET)3
One advanced writing workshop 33
Three elective courses at the 200-400 level within the department (AS.220.2xx-4xx). 49
Foreign language proficiency through the second semester of the intermediate level is required 514
Total Credits68

Two semesters of literature at the 100-400 level, in the Department of English (060) or cross listed in English (with the exception of Expository Writing). Courses in literature offered in departments other than English, whether in the original language or in translation, also fulfill this requirement when the department is numbered AS.212-216 (German and Romance Languages and Literatures) and AS.300 (Contemporary Thought and Literature).  These courses must be at least 3 credits, though one approved transfer course worth 2.7 credits may be allowed.


Courses cross-listed with The Writing Seminars may count toward history, philosophy, or literature requirements in the major as appropriate.  


Currently offered advanced writing workshops are:AS.220.400 Advanced Poetry Workshop and AS.220.401 Advanced Fiction Workshop.


Any Writing Seminars course numbered above "The Craft of Fiction" (220.200) or "The Craft of Poetry" (220.201) may be used to fulfill this requirement.


Languages automatically accepted towards this requirement include: American Sign Language, Ancient Greek, Arabic, Chinese, French, German, Hebrew, Hindi, Italian, Japanese, Korean, Latin, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish, and Yiddish.  

Sample Program of Study

First Year
First SemesterCreditsSecond SemesterCredits
History course #13English literature course #13
First year foreign language4First year foreign language4
 10 10
Second Year
First SemesterCreditsSecond SemesterCredits
AS.220.201 or 2003AS.220.200 or 2013
Philosophy course #13Course with POS-Tag WRIT-FICT at the 300 or 400 level3
Second year foreign language3English literature #23
 Second year foreign language3
 9 12
Third Year
First SemesterCreditsSecond SemesterCredits
Course with POS-Tag WRIT-POET at the 300 or 400 level3Writing Seminars elective course3
Readings course #13Readings course #23
History course #23Philosophy course #23
 9 9
Fourth Year
First SemesterCreditsSecond SemesterCredits
Advanced Fiction or Poetry Workshop3Writing Seminars elective course3
Writing Seminars elective course3 
 6 3
Total Credits 68


A GPA of 3.5 or better in all major requirements is required to earn honors in the major.