Space Science and Engineering Minor Requirements

  • A Proposal and Course Plan, which must be approved by your advisor for the minor (hereafter referred to as the “Advisor”). The proposal must discuss a theme that unites the individual elements of the program (courses and internship(s)) into an intellectual whole.
  • Five courses in Science and Engineering. One course is specified (AS.171.321 Introduction to Space, Science, and Technology) and the remaining four are chosen through your Proposal and Course Plan, which must be approved prior to taking the courses by the Advisor. All courses must be taken for a grade rather than satisfactory/unsatisfactory. A grade of C- or better is required. Courses that are named as requirements for the student’s major may not be used. However, courses that are not named, but satisfy an elective requirement for the major, may be used.
  • An internship or equivalent experience in the field of space science and engineering is required. This must have prior approval from the Advisor.
  • A brief report on the internship or equivalent experience to the Advisor.

For a detailed explanation of the minor and its requirements, including sample programs of study, please visit the Student Handbook for the Minor in Space Science and Engineering.