ME.200.300.  Research Practicum.  0 Credits.  


ME.200.301.  Research Practicum.  0 Credits.  


ME.200.600.  Neurology Core Clerkship.  0 Credits.  

Core clerkship in neurology

ME.200.650.  Genes to Society - Nervous System and Special Senses.  0 Credits.  

Approximately 9 week course divided into 4 modules. Module 1, Neuroanatomy; Module 2 General Sensory & Motor, Module 3, Special Sensory & Motor, and Module 4, Multi-System Diseases. Each module has its own exam. The exams are cumulative but will focus on the material from the preceding weeks.

ME.200.651.  Advanced Clerkship in Critical Care - Neurocritical Intensive Care.  0 Credits.  
ME.200.652.  Advanced Clerkship in Critical Care - Neurocritical Intensive Care at Johns Hopkins Bayview Medical Center.  0 Credits.  
ME.200.699.  Neurology Elective.  0 Credits.  

For Medical Students only. Specialized Topics in Neurology. Refer to Medical Student Electives Book located at

ME.200.701.  Translational Research in Neuro-AIDS and Mental Health.  1.5 Credits.  

This web-based course covers topics related to HIV-associated neurocognitive disorders (HAND) and includes discussions of the epidemiology, basic virology, clinical features, ethical considerations in research, neuropathology, neuropathology, neuropathogenesis of HIV, imaging techniques, animal models, biomarker, drugs of abuse in HAND, and drug development. Lectures and journal club discussions are archived as well as given live in real time. New this year will include e-learning tools to further expand the educational and training impact of neuroaids experts using open sources courseware and innovative Apps for use on mobile devices.

ME.200.704.  Drug Discovery Research.  1.5 Credits.  

This course deals with various aspects of the drug discovery process including target identification, medicinal chemistry, in vitro and in vivo drug screening methods, pharmokinetics, drug safety, and intellectual property management. Each lecture is given by an expert on that respective subject with many years of drug discovery research experience. Students will build a borad kknowledge base that will allow them to prepare for a career in pharmaceutical research or basic medical science with implicaiton for novel therapies.

ME.200.707.  Drug Discovery Case Studies.  1.5 Credits.  
ME.200.708.  Pharmaceutical Enterprise.  1.5 Credits.  

“Pharmaceutical Enterprise” is a discussion-driven and highly interactive course designed to provide students with greater insights into a range of topics related to pharmaceutical enterprise. The course consists of six modules, each of which begins with a pre-lecture discussion session proceeded by a lecture by an expert in the given subject, and post-lecture discussion session. This 3-segment format enables students to digest the topic thoroughly and gain in-depth knowledge through peer discussion and interaction with lecturers. The course is particularly suited for individuals interested in advancing their career beyond the academic sector.