Academic Advising

All degree and certificate students are assigned an advisor to serve as a resource for information gathering, decision making, and program progression.

In the MSN Programs, professional academic advisors are assigned at the start of the program and work with students throughout their course of study.

In the DNP program, students receive support through several resources:

  • Professional Academic Advisors are assigned to students as their primary resource in their academic program and provides support with SON policies and procedures.
  • A Project Advisor is a faculty member who provides guidance throughout the DNP Scholarly Project process.
  • A faculty Advisor is assigned as an APRN role mentor and resource (Advanced Practice tracks only).

In the PhD program, Faculty Advisor assignments will be made according to the student’s area of focus. Students will be notified of their advisors prior to orientation.

Students in all programs are ultimately responsible for ensuring they are registered on time and for the correct classes.