ME.210.699.  Biomedical Engineering Elective.  0 Credits.  
ME.210.704.  MEP/ Medical Design Initiative.  0 Credits.  
ME.210.705.  Medical Entrepreneurship: Bridging the Gap Between Research and Practice.  1.5 Credits.  

The course aims to bridge the gap between research and practice for Johns Hopkins inventors. Every year, we form interdisciplinary student teams who go through practical and hands-on training and learn about what it takes to take a research idea, translate it for clinical use, and commercialize the product. At the end of the course, these teams will showcase their medical inventions/ideas and pitch to academic and industry leaders (e.g. CEOs, Angels, Grant Organizations) to serve as the judges and give feedback to the teams.

ME.210.801.  Special Studies in Biomedical Engineering.  0 Credits.  


ME.210.802.  Special Studies in Biomedical Engineering.  0 Credits.  
ME.210.803.  Special Studies and Research.  0 Credits.  


ME.210.804.  Biomedical Engineering Teaching Practicum.  0 Credits.  

Graduate biomedical engineering students will assist the core course instructors in developing curriculum, lesson planning, class and homework assignments, assessments, grading policies and overall classroom management in an effort to gain practical training in the student's major are of study.