Program Requirements

Students pursuing an MA in Public Management may obtain an additional credential by completing a sequence of courses offered by the Certificate in Nonprofit Management. This combined credential recognizes the interdependence of the governmental and nonprofit sectors and their common ground in mission-driven performance. Students who complete it will be prepared to move among the public, private, and nonprofit sectors or work for agencies that span them. This combined credential will require students to complete 16 courses (in lieu of 18 to complete both degrees separately). In addition to five electives from the public management curriculum, students are required to take the following courses:

MA in Public Management Requirements
AS.470.608Public Policy Evaluation & the Policy Process3
AS.470.627Financial Management & Analysis in the Public Sector3
AS.470.631Economics for Public Decision-Making3
AS.470.854Fundamentals of Quantitative Methods3
AS.470.695Proseminar: Essentials of Public and Private Management3
AS.470.860Capstone for Public Management3
Nonprofit Certificate Requirements
Select four of the following:12
Nonprofit Program Development and Evaluation
Resource Development and Marketing in Nonprofits
Institutional Fundraising: Raising Maximum Dollars from Government Agencies, Corporations and Foundations
Mission Meets Profit: Building a Social Enterprise
NGOs in Development and Global Policy-Making
AS.470.728Fundamentals of Nonprofits and Nonprofit Management3
Nonprofit Governance & Executive Leadership
AS.470.798Financial Management and Analysis in Nonprofits3
International/Non-Governmental Organizations and Civil Society in Conflict Zones
Total Credits36