Course Identification

Courses listed in the catalogue are those the departments plan to offer, however, not every course is available during a given academic year. Necessarily, some courses will be canceled and other courses scheduled. The schedules of graduate and undergraduate courses for a given term are published before the end of the preceding term in the JHU Course Schedule.  

Course numbers are comprised of:

  • a two-character code, identifying the school
  • a three-digit code, identifying the department or program;
  • a three-digit course number, with the first digit indicating level.
  • Frequently, a course number will be followed by a code letter that identifies an area that is for purposes of the distribution requirements.

Code Numbers

Department and program code numbers for the School of Arts and Sciences and Engineering are as follows:

Code Name
362 Africana Studies
070 Anthropology
553 Applied Mathematics and Statistics
375 Arabic
136 Archaeology
001 AS First Year Seminars
004 AS University Writing Program
290 Behavioral Biology
020 Biology
580 Biomedical Engineering
250 Biophysics
540 Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
660,-663 Center for Leadership Education
030 Chemistry
373 Chinese
560 Civil and Systems Engineering
040 Classics
050 Cognitive Science
300 Comparative Thought and Literature
601 Computer Science
700 Doctor of Engineering
270, 271 Earth and Planetary Science
310 East Asian Studies
180 Economics
520 Electrical and Computer Engineering
662 Engineering Management
060 English
370 English as a Second Language
660 Entrepreneurship & Management
570 Environmental Health & Engineering
061 Film and Media Studies
500 General Engineering
210-217 Modern Languages and Literature
384 Hebrew
381 Hindi
100 History
010 History of Art
140 History of Science, Medicine, and Technology
650 Information Security Institute
360 Interdepartmental
192 International Studies
194 Islamic Studies
378 Japanese
380 Korean
361 Latin American, Caribbean, and Latinx Studies
510 Materials Science and Engineering
110 Mathematics
530 Mechanical Engineering
145 Medicine, Science, and the Humanities
374 Military Science
389 Program in Museums and Society
376 Music
130-134 Near Eastern Studies
080 Neuroscience
670 Nanobiotechnology
150 Philosophy
171-173 Physics and Astronomy
190,191 Political Science
661 Professional Communication
200 Psychological and Brain Sciences
280 Public Health Studies
377 Russian
230 Sociology
225 Theater Arts and Studies
371 Art
363 Women, Gender, and Sexuality
220 Writing Seminars

Course Numbers

Course numbers have the following significance:

Code Name
100-299 Undergraduate course, lower level
300-499 Undergraduate course, upper level
500-599 Independent study/ research/ internship
600-799 Course offered for advanced degree programs
800-899 Independent study/ research and dissertation, graduate level

Code Letters

The following code letters are a guide to undergraduate distribution area designators and writing requirements:

Code Name
(E) Engineering
(H) Humanities
(N) Natural Sciences
(Q) Quantitative Studies
(S) Social and Behavioral Sciences
(W) Writing Intensive