Program Requirements

The Musicology minor is designed for students with an interest in music history beyond the core requirements. Students should apply for this minor after taking at least one course in the Musicology department. Students approved for the minor will take Music Bibliography and two graduate electives, in addition to the one Musicology elective required of all students: one from the graduate offerings at Peabody and one from the musicology seminars offered on the Homewood campus. Students complete the minor with a personally supervised capstone project.

Any credits taken in pursuit of the Musicology minor may also be applied as general electives for the BM degree. Some of the courses taken for the minor may count as Liberal Arts electives, but only on a case-by-case basis and in consultation with the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs and the Chair of Liberal Arts. With the exception of Founadtions of Music Research, students who matriculate to the five-year BM/MM program or continue in the MM program may not apply elective courses for the minor to their MM if those courses have already been counted as electives for the BM.

Additional information about minor requirements and the application process can be found here.

PY.610.651Foundations of Music Research2
PY.610.6xxPeabody Musicology Seminar3
AS.376.3xxKSAS Musicology Seminar3
PY.610.414Musicology Practicum1
Total Credits9