Program Continuity and Completion

A student must be continuously enrolled in his or her program. Any student not enrolling and successfully completing courses at the Carey Business School for a period of one year or more must petition to restart their program. In addition, a student must complete all program requirements within six years of starting their first course at the Carey Business School. Any student not completing their program within six years must petition for an extension.

Academic Progress

Graduate students at the Carey Business School must have a minimum 2.85 grade point average to graduate and must maintain at least a 2.85 cumulative grade point average (2.85 on a 4.00 scale) to remain in good academic standing. Students receive credit for courses in which they receive grades lower than a B, except the F grade which does not earn any credits. Students need to repeat any required course in which they receive an F (please refer to Repeating a Course under the Grading Policy for further details).

Graduate students will be placed on academic probation if their cumulative grade point average falls below 2.85. Grades will be reviewed for academic progress at the end of each semester or for full-time programs at the end of each term. Students whose cumulative GPA falls below 2.85 must meet with their advisors to discuss resources such as tutoring or workshops so that they can raise their GPA to assure continued progress toward graduation. A Probation Hold will be placed on the student record for any student with a cumulative GPA below 2.85. Students will be removed from academic probation when their cumulative grade point average reaches 2.85.

If enrolled in a full-time program, students on academic probation who do not raise their cumulative grade point average to 2.85 by the completion of the following semester, or following term if enrolled in a one-year program, may be suspended. After a period of one semester, academically suspended students are required to meet with their academic advisors and may then submit a written petition for reinstatement on a probationary basis.

A student will be dismissed a) when it is not possible for a student to attain the required 2.85 GPA within the school’s academic policies, and/or b) when a student fails the same course a second time. Students cannot re-apply to the same academic program from which they were dismissed; however, they can apply to a different academic program, though they are not guaranteed admission.

Note: These policies are for determining satisfactory academic progress. Please review the Financial Aid section of this handbook to determine the standards for satisfactory progress for eligibility to receive or continue to receive financial assistance.

Academic Standards

Johns Hopkins University and the Carey Business School expect the highest academic standards from its students. The awarding of degrees and certificates is based upon satisfactory completion of all degree/certificate requirements with student performance that meets the expectations of the faculty, as well as compliance with University and School regulations. The Academic Board of the Carey Business School reviews all student applications for graduation and makes recommendations for degree/certificate conferral to the president of the University.

The University does not guarantee the awarding of a degree or certificate to students enrolled in any academic program. Any breach of academic standards may result in disciplinary actions against the student(s) involved. Please see the Academic Ethics Policy section for an overview of procedures.