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Minor in Civic Life Requirements

Empowering undergraduate students from all areas of study to be engaged global citizens

What does it take for people to engage productively as informed, skilled, and effective members of democratic communities and the world? Whether we are scientists, doctors, engineers, advocates, public servants, or anything else, we are all members of pluralistic communities. In all of these communities, people of all kinds need capacities to engage productively with one another, develop the skills to negotiate difference, and cooperate to achieve common goals. The area of civic studies examines why such skills are foundational to making liberal democracy work in pluralistic societies, how such capacities can be nurtured, and the historical and contemporary struggles to realize these principles. It is an applied and interdisciplinary field, incorporating critical reflection, ethical thinking, empirical understanding, historical perspectives, and action for social change within and between societies. The Minor in Civic Life introduces students to civic studies though its core seminars, electives, and experiential learning opportunities. 

Non-direct equivalent courses taken at another institution may not apply towards satisfying the requirements of the Minor in Civic Life without permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies. All courses must be taken for letter grades and receive a grade of C-minus or higher.

AS.196.201Introduction to Civic Life3
AS.196.320Civic Life Seminar2
AS.196.420Civic Life Capstone3
Three elective courses that are at least 3 credits each. (AGRI-ELECT) 19
Total Credits17

Students complete three additional elective courses, worth at least 3-credits each. These are SNF Agora courses and identified by the POS-Tag AGRI-ELECT.  Non-tagged courses may be reviewed by the Director of Undergraduate Studies for applicability.

For more information, contact:

Bryce Corrigan, Director of Undergraduate Studies
Kara Piccirilli, Senior Academic Program Coordinator