Note: Music for New Media students completing the five-year BM/MA program will complete an adjusted BM course of study.

Major Area
Advanced Studio Production 1
and Advanced Studio Production 2
PY.550.610Audio Science and Technology3
PY.550.611Consumer Audio Systems3
PY.550.515Musical Acoustics3
PY.550.624Architectural Acoustics 13
Supportive Courses in Music
XXX.XXX Music or Professional Electives 13
Total Credits27
Plan of Study Grid
Fifth Year
First SemesterCredits
PY.550.513 Advanced Studio Production 1 3
PY.550.610 Audio Science and Technology 3
PY.550.515 Musical Acoustics 3
PY.550.517 Psychoacoustics 3
PY.550.624 Architectural Acoustics 1 3
Second Semester
PY.550.514 Advanced Studio Production 2 3
PY.550.611 Consumer Audio Systems 3
PY.550.516 Electroacoustics 3
Music or Professional Electives XXX.XXX 3
 Total Credits27