Emergency Medicine—Second, Third and Fourth Years

Core Clerkship in Emergency Medicine:

During the Core Clerkship in Emergency Medicine, you will hone your skills in the rapid assessment of undifferentiated patients, become comfortable with stabilizing severely ill and injured patients, and develop your procedural abilities.  In the clinical area, you will care for patients with a wide variety of diagnoses, working closely with faculty and residents.  Your educational experience will be enhanced through participation in weekly simulation exercises, resident teaching conferences, and departmental Grand Rounds.  You will learn to make crucial real-time medical decisions, and will leave the clerkship with a skill set that will serve you well in managing common emergencies, regardless of what field of medicine you ultimately pursue.

Emergency Medicine—Third and Fourth Years

Advanced Clerkship in Emergency Medicine


Students in the third and fourth years who wish an in-depth experience in emergency medicine may serve as subinterns in the Adult Emergency Department.This course is about key concepts in the assessment, management, and disposition of patients in the Emergency Department.  It builds on what you learned in your Core Clerkship in Emergency Medicine, allowing you to apply those concepts by serving as the primary provider for acutely ill and injured patients in the ED.  What you learn in this clerkship will prepare you not only to evaluate and manage patients in the ED setting, but also to address acute concerns that arise in the care of hospitalized and ambulatory patients.  Upon completion of this elective, students will demonstrate competency in the recognition and initial stabilization of life threats in trauma and non-trauma patients.  Sub-interns are required to attend departmental conferences. A formal case write-up, in the form of a Blog is required.  Visiting applicants limited to LCME-accredited schools only. Due to high demand we are not accepting international medical students for the Advanced Clerkship.


This elective course is offered to any medical student with specific research interests in emergency medicine. Students are given the opportunity to participate in original or on-going research projects with a faculty member in the Department of Emergency Medicine. During the summer a specific course teaches the fundamentals of clinical research while engaging in a research project designed as part of the curriculum.

Research Elective courses must be approved by the course director. Course descriptions and additional details can be found at: https://www.hopkinsmedicine.org/som/students/academics/electivebook.pdf