Earth and Planetary Sciences Minor Requirements

The Earth and Planetary Sciences minor is primarily for science undergraduates interested in learning about Earth and other planets through the study of geology, geochemistry, geophysics, hydrology, ecology, geobiology, oceanography, and atmospheric science. Students take 12 credits of EPS courses (numbered, at least six of which are at the 300-level, and at least 16 credits of other natural sciences, quantitative studies, or engineering. No environmental studies courses (numbered may count toward the minor. All courses must be taken for a letter grade, and students must earn a grade of C- or better to apply the course towards the minor.

AS.270.220The Dynamic Earth: An Introduction to Geology3
or AS.270.224 Oceans & Atmospheres
Three credits of EPS courses at any level 13
Six credits of EPS courses at the 300-level or above 16
Sixteen credits of natural science, quantitative, or engineering courses not from the EPS Department, preferably biology, chemistry, physics, or mathematics.16
Total Credits28

Courses taken at another institution without a direct equivalency to a JHU course may not apply towards this requirement without permission of the Director of Undergraduate Studies.