Anthropology Major Requirements 

(Also see Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree)

To complete an anthropology major, students must complete a total of 30 credits (10 courses) in Anthropology and foreign language through the intermediate level. Only with permission of the director of undergraduate studies may students use one class taken at another institution not directly equivalent to a Hopkins course towards the major. Students must take completed course materials to the director of undergraduate studies to discuss if a non-equivalent transfer course can apply towards the major. Majors must receive a grade of C or better in all major requirements and no major requirements may be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory. Complete major requirements are:

Required Courses
AS.070.132Invitation to Anthropology3
AS.070.419Logic of Anthropological Inquiry3
Anthropology Electives 1
Two 100-400 level courses in the Anthropology Department6
Four 300- or 400-level courses in the Anthropology Department 212
Foreign Language
Foreign language through the second semester of the intermediate level. Native speakers of another language, or those fluent in a language not taught at the university, can devise a plan to meet this requirement in consultation with the department.14
Total Credits44

Sample Program of Study

First Year
First SemesterCreditsSecond SemesterCredits
AS.070.1323AS.070.1xx-4xx: Anthropology elective3
Foreign language4Foreign language4
 7 7
Second Year
First SemesterCreditsSecond SemesterCredits
AS.070.1xx-4xx: Anthropology elective3AS.070.2733
Foreign language3Foreign language3
 6 6
Third Year
First SemesterCreditsSecond SemesterCredits
AS.070.3xx-4xx: Anthropology elective3AS.070.3xx-4xx: Anthropology elective3
 6 6
Fourth Year
First SemesterCreditsSecond SemesterCredits
AS.070.3xx-4xx: Anthropology elective3AS.070.3xx-4xx: Anthropology elective3
 3 3
Total Credits 44

Honors Thesis in Anthropology

Students with at least a 3.5 GPA (major GPA) by their junior year are encouraged to write a senior thesis by registering for the two-semester Senior Essay (AS.070.561 Senior Essay-Fall and AS.070.562 Senior Essay - Spring) under the guidance of a faculty advisor.