Writing Seminars Minor Requirements

Students who wish to graduate with a minor in Writing Seminars must take AS.220.105 Introduction to Fiction & Poetry I or AS.220.108 Introduction to Fiction & Nonfiction, and AS.220.106 Introduction to Fiction & Poetry II, Students also need to take AS.220.200 The Craft of Fiction and AS.220.201 The Craft of Poetry, as well as three additional Writing Seminars courses at the 200-400 level. One course outside of the Writing Seminars Department may count towards the minor with approval from the DUS; approval is given for courses with a strong creative writing component (e.g. AS.061.205 Introduction to Screenwriting). Students must earn a grade of C- or better in all minor requirements and courses may not be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

AS.220.105Introduction to Fiction & Poetry I3
or AS.220.108 Introduction to Fiction & Nonfiction
AS.220.106Introduction to Fiction & Poetry II3
AS.220.200The Craft of Fiction3
AS.220.201The Craft of Poetry3
Three additional 200-400 level Writing Seminars courses (AS.220.2xx-4xx) 19
Total Credits21

Any Writing Seminars course numbered above "The Craft of Fiction" (220.200) or "The Craft of Poetry" (220.201) may be used to fulfill this requirement.