Program Requirements

Second, Third or Fourth Year
Elective Opportunities
Elective courses must be approved by the preceptor; any member of the department may act as preceptor. 1
Pediatrics E
Subinternship in the Department of Pediatrics4
Introduction to Pediatric Intensive Care4
Research Activities4
Pediatric Hematology4
Pediatric Endocrinology4
Advanced Clerkship in Pediatric Oncology4
Child and Adolescent Psychiatry4
Pediatric Infectious Diseases4
Pediatric Cardiology4
Developmental Disabilities in School Aged Children4
Adolescent Medicine4
Pediatric Gastroenterology and Nutrition4
Clinical Clerkship in Pediatric Dermatology4
Developmental Pediatrics-Kennedy Krieger Institute.4
Clinical Clerkship in Pediatric Epilepsy4
Clinical Clerkship in Full-Term Nursery4
Research in Pediatric Allergy4
General Pediatrics and Adolescent Medicine Clinical Research4
Healthcare Issues in Homeless Children4
Pediatric Intensive Care Elective4
Clinical Research Elective in Pediatric Infectious Diseases4
Laboratory Elective in Pediatric Infectious Diseases 4
Advanced Clerkship in Pediatric Oncology4