Program Requirements

First and Second Years

Scholarly Concentrations

Scholarly concentrations were designed to provide students an opportunity as early as possible in the curriculum to develop additional expertise in a particular area of interest, and guide students in applying a scholarly approach to an independent mentored project. Students begin by meeting in seminars in their particular area of interest during the intersessions, and subsequently identify a mentor and project timeline. The goal is completion of the project by the end of Year 2. The five areas of concentration from which students may choose are Basic Science, Clinical Research, History of Medicine, Medical Humanities, Bioethics and the Healing Arts, or Public Health and Community Service.

Topics in Interdisciplinary Medicine

Topics in Interdisciplinary Medicine (TIME) courses are designed to present the behavioral and social science content pertinent to the practice of medicine in the 21st century and provide additional clinical skill development in the preclinical years. They are taught by interdisciplinary faculty and placed at times in the calendar when students have no other competing coursework.

First Year
ME.800.640Topics in Interdisciplinary Medicine – Health and HealthCare Disparities and Inequities
ME.800.644Topics in Interdisciplinary Medicine – Disaster Medicine
ME.600.601Topics in Interdisciplinary Medicine - Clinical Informatics
ME.800.641Topics in Interdisciplinary Medicine - Obesity, Nutrition, & Behavior Change
ME.800.642Topics in Interdisciplinary Medicine – Global Health
ME.800.643Topics in Interdisciplinary Medicine – Pain Care Medicine
ME.800.655Topics in Interdisciplinary Medicine - High Value Healthcare
Second Year
ME.800.645Topics in Interdisciplinary Medicine - Substance Use Disorders
ME.800.647Topics in Interdisciplinary Medicine – End of Life/Palliative Care
ME.800.646Topics in Interdisciplinary Medicine – Patient Safety and Quality Improvement
ME.800.634Transition to the Wards
Third Year
Translational Science Intersessions 2