Clinical Warnings

A Clinical Warning is given whenever a student is at risk for not successfully completing a clinical course. This could be the result of not meeting the objectives on the Clinical Evaluation Tool or the inability to achieve clinical competencies. A Clinical Warning may also be given in conjunction with a Notification of Missed Clinical Time if missed clinical time is a factor in preventing a student from meeting the objectives on the Clinical Evaluation Tool or achieving clinical competencies. Clinical Warnings will be given to students at the earliest indication of concern, to enable the student to meet with the Clinical Instructor and Clinical Course Coordinator, so they may develop a plan for the student’s successful completion of the clinical course.

A Clinical Warning is a written document, prepared by a faculty member who is responsible for the course, and sent to the student, the student’s Faculty or Academic Advisor(s), the Director of the program, the Associate Program Director (if applicable), and additional course faculty who are working directly with the student or course.