The Office of Records and Registration is available to provide assistance to all students pertaining to online registration via SIS. The office is also the point of contact for official transcripts, enrollment verifications, degree verifications, graduation and room scheduling.


All students must complete registration by the beginning of each term in accordance with instructions issued by the Office of Records and Registration before they can attend classes. Detailed instructions about registration will be provided to all students via email before the registration period each term. If the student has not received this information at least one week prior to the registration period, the Office of Records and Registration should be contacted immediately. Students may not sit in on a class without being officially registered for that class.

Registration Holds

All students must have the approval of their assigned academic adviser before enrolling for any term. Students will not be allowed to register if there are unpaid bills from a previous term. The student is required to pay tuition or make financial arrangements with the Student Accounts Office before registering for a given term.

Registration will also be blocked if a student is not in compliance with health insurance and student health requirements.


A student wishing to add or drop a course must do so by the end of the second week of classes. The Add/Drop form is available at Please refer to the Course Drop or Withdrawal Policy.

Auditing a Course

To audit a course, the instructor’s permission and adviser’s approval are required. Students must register for the course as an audit with the Office of the Records and Registration. The course will be shown on the academic record as an AU and will not be used in determining the grade point average. 

Cancelled Courses

If minimum course enrollment is not met, students will be sent a cancellation notice and have the option to enroll in another course with the academic adviser's approval.

Course Withdrawal Notation

  • No notation is made on the academic record if a class is dropped before 50% of the class is completed. The signature of the adviser is required.
  • After 50% and through 70% of the scheduled classes have met, the signatures of the adviser and the Director of the Program are required to drop a class. A “W” is recorded on the transcript.
  • After 70% of the scheduled classes have met, the signatures of the course coordinator, the adviser, and the Director of the Program are required to withdraw from a class. The course coordinator will note on the form whether the student is receiving a passing grade for the course at the time of withdrawal. The determination will be based on the grade(s) achieved for all test(s) and other graded requirements that are due on or before that date. A “WP” (Withdrawn Passing) or “WF” (Withdrawn Failing), as appropriate, is recorded on the transcript. Please refer to the Course Drop or Withdrawal Policy.

Interdivisional Registration

Students may take courses at other divisions of the university. Students must complete an Interdivisional Registration Form and submit for processing to the Office of Records and Registration at the School of Nursing (home division). Prior to submitting the form, students should ensure there are no registration holds on their record, that they have completed any prerequisites for a course, and that they have secured any required permissions for a course at another division. Students must follow the registration deadlines of the host school for any courses taken at another division of the university.