Waiver Exams (Available to Part-time Students Only)

The Carey Business School anticipates that students will complete all required coursework and credits needed for completion of the degree (or certificate) at Johns Hopkins University. Part-time students who enter Carey with professional work experience and prior completed course work at the undergraduate level in the following areas: Statistical Analysis or Accounting & Financial Reporting may request a course waiver.

Part-time students seeking a course waiver must have a B+ or better in the undergraduate course and pass a waiver exam offered at the Carey Business School within the first semester of study at Carey. A maximum of 4 credits may be waived with the aforementioned criteria. Students who seek to take a waiver exam must notify their academic advisor. All determinations regarding the grade for the exam (pass or fail) are final and not eligible for appeal. Students who pass the waiver examination must complete the equivalent number of credits in an advanced course. This policy is separate from the Transfer of Credit policy.

If a student has completed a professional exam (CPA, CFA, et cetera), please consult with the assigned Academic Advisor to receive more information regarding waiver with replacement.

Eligibility, Exam Format and Student Preparation

Students have the option of either completing the courses or waiving the course by passing the waiver exam. Waiver exams may be taken only once.

For more information, students should contact their academic advisor for assistance through the process.

Registering and Scheduling an Exam

Waiver exams are administered in an online Blackboard format three times a year—in January, May and in August. Students must complete registration three weeks prior to the start of the semester and will have one week to complete the exam.

To register, students must submit an Add/Drop form to their academic advisor, and submit a payment of $100 (fee subject to change without notice) per exam. Any questions pertaining to registration for waiver exams should be directed to the Academic Advising Office at 410-234-9320. Students who are paying with JHU tuition remission should contact their Human Resources Office for clarification regarding the pass/fail policy.

Please note the following:

  • Waiver exams are to be taken prior to the semester in which registration occurs.
  • Waiver exam course sites are available for a full week, three weeks before the start of the semester.
  • Waiver exams are administered through the online Blackboard format.
  • Students must complete the New Student Orientation (NSO) before receiving access to the waiver exam Blackboard site.
  • Registration for waiver exams does not carry over to the next semester. Semesters are defined as: May (summer), August (fall) and January (spring).