Program Requirements

Students take a customized curriculum with electives in three study areas: Accounting or Business Studies; Non-Profit/Arts Administration; and Communication/Marketing. Students may choose one additional elective from these study areas or an alternative course approved by the faculty. Electives may be taken at the Whiting School of Engineering (WSE), the Carey Business School, or the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences. Students complete the minor with a capstone project.

Accounting or Business
Select one of the following:3
Financial Accounting
Managerial Accounting
Introduction to Business
Non-Profit / Arts Admin
PY.123.415Arts Leadership Today2
Communications or Marketing
Select one of the following:3
Professional Writing and Communication
Identifying and Capturing Markets
Music Publishing and Organizations
Career-Related Elective
PY.123.412Music and Law2
EN.661.453Social Media and Marketing3
PY.123.499Business of Music Practicum1
Total Credits14