Italian Minor Requirements

Language courses through Intermediate Italian I and II (AS.210.251 Intermediate Italian I-AS.210.252 Intermediate Italian II) or equivalent placement as well as Advanced Italian I and II (AS.210.351 Advanced Italian I-AS.210.352 Advanced Italian II). One course (3 credits) from the "Italian Journeys" series, including "Medieval and Early Modern" (AS.214.362 Italian Journeys: Medieval and Early Modern) or "Modern and Contemporary" (AS.214.363 Italian Journeys: Modern and Contemporary Literature) Three additional courses (or the equivalent of 9 credits) from the Italian Culture series (AS.211.200-499 with POS-Tag GRLL-ITAL) and the Italian Literature series (AS.214.200-499). One independent study is acceptable toward the course requirements, provided it is taken after completing a course from the Italian Literature series. At least two of the three courses (or the equivalent of 6 credits) must be conducted in Italian. All minor requirements must be completed with a grade of C- or better and may not be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

AS.210.351Advanced Italian I3
AS.210.352Advanced Italian II3
AS.214.362Italian Journeys: Medieval and Early Modern3
or AS.214.363 Italian Journeys: Modern and Contemporary Literature
Three Additional Italian Courses *9