History Minor Requirements

The minor in history offers students majoring in other programs of study an opportunity to pursue a serious interest in history.

  • Students must earn a C- or higher grade in all courses used to satisfy minor requirements and may not be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory. If a student opts to take First-Year Seminar (AS.001.xxx) cross-listed with the History and earns an S grade, this course may apply towards minor requirements even though it is graded satisfactory/unsatisfactory.
  • At least 2 of the 4 electives must be taken directly from the History Department. This means that at least two elective courses must be numbered AS.100.2xx-4xx.
Introductory Courses
Select one of the following options:6
A) Two 100- or 200-level introductory courses offered by the History Department (AS.100.1xx or AS.100.2xx)
B) One (1) 100- or 200-level introductory course offered by the History Department (AS.100.1xx or AS.100.2xx) plus one (1) First Year Seminar cross-listed with the History Department (AS.001.1xx)
Method Requirement
AS.100.293 Historical Methods, Archives and Interpretations3
Elective Courses
One 200-level or higher history course3
Three 300-level or higher history courses9
Total Credits21

Cognate Courses: The History Department encourages interdisciplinary work in cognate fields of learning. History minors are therefore strongly advised to take additional courses in any department, including the History Department, that relate to the student’s major discipline in a historical way.