Program Requirements

Music Education
ED.884.508Literacy in the Content Areas Part I3
PY.510.414Mus & The Spcl Student3
PY.510.213Basic Instrumental Pedagogy1
PY.510.311Techniques for Teaching Elementary General Music3
PY.510.314Tech Teach Sec Vocal/Gen3
PY.510.337Secondary Choral Ensemble II2
ED.884.510Literacy in the Content Areas Part 23
PY.510.411Intern Teaching6 - 12
PY.510.441Intern Teaching Seminar1
Total Credits25-31
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterCredits
ED.884.508 Literacy in the Content Areas Part I 3
PY.510.213 Basic Instrumental Pedagogy 1
PY.510.311 Techniques for Teaching Elementary General Music 3
PY.510.337 Secondary Choral Ensemble II 2
Second Semester
PY.510.414 Mus & The Spcl Student 3
PY.510.314 Tech Teach Sec Vocal/Gen 3
Second Year
First Semester
PY.510.411 Intern Teaching 6
PY.510.441 Intern Teaching Seminar 1
Second Semester
ED.884.510 Literacy in the Content Areas Part 2 3
 Total Credits25