Program Requirements

Like the minor in Liberal Arts, the Directed Studies minor supplants the Liberal Arts requirement at Peabody with a selection of courses from other divisions of the University.  However, the Directed Studies minor requires the student to devise a Directed Study Plan that emphasizes a specific field beyond music or an interdisciplinary topic.  Completion of the Directed Studies minor requires 21 credits of coursework specifically approved to replace the Peabody Liberal Arts requirement, with at least 15 of the 21 credits taken at a different division of the University.  Credits earned from AP, IB, or prior study cannot be applied to the Directed Studies minor, but students may apply credits taken at another university if the class has been an approved part of the Directed Studies plan.

Students may signal their interest in the Directed Studies Minor during the admission process.  Once students matriculate, they must submit a plan of study for final approval as early as the end of the first semester of study, but no later than the fourth semester of study.  Approval requires the maintenance of a 3.5 cumulative GPA and continued success in the student’s major.  On completion of the Directed Studies Minor, the transcript will indicate the title of the student’s directed study plan.  For example: Directed Study Minor with Coursework taken in Modern Literature or Directed Study Minor with Coursework taken in Modern Media.

Students in the Directed Studies minor may begin taking Homewood courses beginning in the second semester of study.