Program Requirements


Major Area
PY.550.515Musical Acoustics3
PY.550.624Architectural Acoustics 13
PY.550.519Acoustics/Audio Measure3
PY.550.632Architectural Acoustics 23
PY.550.625Audiovisual System Design3
PY.550.626Noise Control2
PY.550.627Acoustical Modeling2
PY.550.640Acoustics Design Practicum3
PY.550.631Graduate Acoustics Seminar2
Supportive Courses
Music Elective3
Two Professional Electives. The following are recommended:6
Music & Technology
Architectural Engineering - Form, Function and Technology
Audio Science and Technology
Total Credits42
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterCredits
PY.550.515 Musical Acoustics 3
PY.550.517 Psychoacoustics 3
PY.550.624 Architectural Acoustics 1 3
PY.550.631 Graduate Acoustics Seminar 2
Second Semester
PY.550.519 Acoustics/Audio Measure 3
PY.550.632 Architectural Acoustics 2 3
PY.550.625 Audiovisual System Design 3
PY.550.626 Noise Control 2
Second Year
First Semester
PY.550.627 Acoustical Modeling 2
PY.550.633 2
Professional Electives 3
Music Elective 3
Second Semester
PY.550.516 Electroacoustics 3
PY.550.640 Acoustics Design Practicum 3
Professional Electives 3
 Total Credits41