Philosophy Minor Requirements

Philosophy minors must take seven departmental courses, which should include the following:

  • At least one course in the history of philosophy, either ancient or modern.
  • At least one course in two of the following areas:
    • Logic, philosophy of science, or philosophy of mathematics
    • Ethics, aesthetics, or political philosophy
    • Philosophy of mind, theory of knowledge, philosophy of language, or metaphysics

Students must earn a C- or better in all minor requirements and courses may not be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory.

One course in history of philosophy (ancient or modern)3
Two courses, each from a different focal area6
Four additional courses12
Total Credits21

Minor Restrictions

  • Either AS.150.111 Philosophic Classics or AS.150.112 Philosophical Problems, but not both, may count as one of the seven courses. Neither is a required course.