Admission Requirements

Undergraduate students may apply for admittance to the BM/MM program in the academic year in which they are scheduled to perform their 309 jury or junior recital (or, for composition majors, in their junior year) by submitting an application and faculty recommendations to the Office of Academic Affairs by May 1 of that year.

Admittance to the BM/MM program is limited to outstanding performers with excellent academic records. The minimum requirements for applying are:

  1. An average of A- and above in all major lessons and juries
  2. A minimum cumulative grade point average of 3.67
  3. A recommendation from the major teacher.

Admittance into the BM/MM program includes the proviso that a student’s fourth and fifth years of performance or composition study be with a single studio teacher unless there are circumstances that require special arrangements to be made by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs. Students who wish to complete a BM in performance or composition and then earn an MM in Musicology, Music Theory Pedagogy, or Performance/Pedagogy are also eligible to apply for this program but may be required to complete additional application requirements. Students in the BM/ MM program are not permitted to pursue more than one MM degree.