Program Requirements

Music Education
ED.884.508Literacy in the Content Areas Part I3
PY.510.414Mus & The Spcl Student3
PY.510.211Brass Class2
PY.510.212Woodwinds Class3
PY.510.223Percussion Class1
PY.510.324Strings Class3
PY.510.312Tech Teach Elem Instr Ms3
PY.510.313Tech Teach Sec Instr Mus3
ED.884.510Literacy in the Content Areas Part 23
PY.510.411Intern Teaching6
PY.510.441Intern Teaching Seminar1
Total Credits31
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterCredits
ED.884.508 Literacy in the Content Areas Part I 3
PY.510.324 Strings Class 3
PY.510.212 Woodwinds Class 3
Second Semester
PY.510.414 Mus & The Spcl Student 3
PY.510.211 Brass Class 2
PY.510.223 Percussion Class 1
PY.510.312 Tech Teach Elem Instr Ms 3
PY.510.313 Tech Teach Sec Instr Mus 3
Second Year
First Semester
PY.510.411 Intern Teaching 6
PY.510.441 Intern Teaching Seminar 1
Second Semester
ED.884.510 Literacy in the Content Areas Part 2 3
 Total Credits31