Program Requirements

Peabody students wishing to earn a Bachelor of Music degree with a minor in Liberal Arts must complete six courses at the Krieger School of Arts and Sciences on the Homewood campus with at least three at the 200 level or higher. At least one of the courses must be a writing-intensive course, with the designation “(w)” in the Homewood course listing. Introductory language courses and Homewood music courses may not be used for the minor.

Given the requirements of this minor and the nature of the coursework, the Liberal Arts minor essentially subsumes the Liberal Arts elective requirement of the BM degree. All students applying for this minor must have their proposed program of study approved by the Associate Dean for Academic Affairs in consultation with the Chair of Liberal Arts.

Three Courses at Homewood
Excluding Introductory Language9
Three Courses at Homewood
Courses above .200 (Including one "W")9
Total Credits18