Before registering for any engineering classes, each student must apply as a degree or certificate candidate or as a Special Student and must submit appropriate application materials for review. Applications are accepted on a continuing basis.

Payment of tuition is due by the specified deadline listed in the Academic Calendar. Payment may be made by check, credit card, tuition remission, or company contract accompanied by purchase order. Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals does not defer payment for companies providing tuition reimbursement at the end of the term. In this instance, students must pay tuition themselves and be reimbursed by their employers. If payment is not made by the deadline date, a late payment fee of $150 will be incurred.

If you have registered and have not paid your balance, an e-mail statement with the balance due to the university will be sent to you on the 16th of each month. This is not a bill. This is a reminder of the debt owed to the university and is a reflection of your account status at the time of the e-mail. Changes in circumstances, for instance, adding or dropping courses, late registration, or late payment fees, may have an effect on the amount that you are responsible to pay.

Students are not permitted to register if there are unpaid bills from a previous term.

Course Schedule

The Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals course schedule, lists the day, time, location, modality, and instructor for each course. All students who have been admitted or enrolled in courses during the previous year will receive notification of the web posting of the course schedule. All relevant registration forms and deadlines can be found on the Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals website.

Course Numbering System

All Whiting School of Engineering courses are numbered in the form EP.605.602, where

  • 605 indicates the program—in this example, Computer Science; and
  • 602 indicates the course number—in this example, Software Analysis and Design.

Courses with a zero before the first decimal point—e.g., EP.600.639—are daytime offerings of the Whiting School of Engineering departments.

Courses numbered xxx.1xx through xxx.3xx are undergraduate level and will not confer graduate credit.

Course Credit

All courses 600-level and above confer three graduate credit hours.

New Applicants

A new applicant may be approved to register for a class before a formal offer of admission is received. If the student is subsequently accepted to a degree or certificate program, the program committee will determine whether courses taken prior to admission may be counted in fulfillment of degree requirements. Please note that approval to take a course prior to receipt of an admission decision does not guarantee acceptance into the program. A student who has been granted approval to take a course before receiving an admissions decision must adhere to the published refund schedule.

Interdivisional Registration

With approval of their advisors, students may take courses in the full-time programs of the Whiting School of Engineering or in other divisions of the university. Registration for these classes should be submitted by e-mail to Please note that tuition rates vary by division.

Students in other divisions of Johns Hopkins may register for Johns Hopkins Engineering for Professionals courses, subject to the regulations of their home divisions and availability of space.

Course Enrollment Limits

In order to foster high-quality faculty–student interaction, all courses have enrollment limits. Although every effort is made to offer additional sections of oversubscribed courses, this is not always possible.

Students may ask to be placed on waiting lists if their desired courses are filled, or they may indicate alternative course selections.

The university reserves the right to change instructors or to cancel any course with insufficient enrollment or for reasons beyond the control of the university.

Course Load

Students who are employed full-time are advised not to take more than two courses per term without the permission of their academic advisor.


Students may register as auditors with the approval of the appropriate program advisor. Although regular attendance is expected of auditors, they are exempt from quizzes, examinations, and other assigned work, and they receive no credit for the course. Students who are enrolled for credit but wish to become auditors must request this before the deadline listed for each term in the Academic Calendar. There is no reduction in fees when auditing a course.

Adding and Dropping Courses

Courses may be added or dropped online through SIS. Deadlines for completing this procedure are given in the Academic Calendar. Notification to the instructor does not constitute dropping a course. Students who stop attending a course without completing and submitting the drop form will receive an F grade. The refund policy pertaining to dropped courses is described in Tuition and Fees.


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