Application for Graduation

Students planning to complete their degree requirements at the end of the semester for which they are registering must notify the AAP Registration Office of their intentions by completing the online graduation application form found in SIS. This form should be completed when registering for the last course(s) needed to complete the degree; it initiates the graduation review process that students must undergo to be cleared for graduation. The AAP Registration Office will periodically correspond with the student using the email address listed on their application for graduation in order to provide important information about administrative details, events, and deadlines. Payment of a $100 graduation fee is required at the time of application for graduation. This fee must be paid for every degree earned.

The application for graduation form is valid for only one semester. If students do not complete their degree requirements during the semester expected, they must resubmit the application form while registering for the next semester. Students who paid the $100 graduation fee (a one-time payment) are not required to submit another graduation fee.

Completion of Degree Requirements

Johns Hopkins University confers degrees three times a year (August, December, and May) to all students who have completed requirements during the summer, fall, or spring semesters. The university-wide commencement ceremony and the master’s degree ceremony take place once a year in May. Diplomas are mailed to graduates at the address provided on the graduate application found online in SIS. The conferral date is the date that will appear on a graduating student’s transcript.