Program Requirements

Elective Opportunities
Elective courses must be approved by the course director listed. Course descriptions and additional details can be found at:
Ophthalmology Clinical Electives
Clinical Elective in Ophthalmology; Dr. Henry Jampel
Advanced Work and Research in Ophthalmology and Neurosurgery; Dr. Henry Brem
Clinical Neuro-Ophthalmology: Dr. Neil Miller
Ophthalmology Informatics (Computers in Ophthalmology); Dr. Michael Boland
Elective in Oculoplastic Surgery; Dr. Fatemah Rajaii
Retina/Ophthalmology Clerkship (for Clinician Scientists); Dr. Peter Gehlbach
Signal Acquisition and Processing in Ophthalmic Optics; Dr. Boris Gramatikov
Clinical Elective in Ophthalmology at Green Spring Station; Dr. Kraig S. Bower
Clinical elective in ophthalmology at Odenton and Columbia; Dr. Divya Srikumaran
Investigating the basis of inherited ocular dystrophies; Dr. S Amer Riazuddin
Argus II retinal implant, intracortical visual prosthesis and ultra low-vision assessment; Dr. Gislin Dagnelie
Pediatric ophthalmology and strabismus; Dr. Courtney Kraus
Online elective in ophthalmology; Dr. Henry Jampel
Research opportunities (contact preceptor to arrange research)
Medical retina; Dr. Morton Goldberg and Dr. Sharon Solomon
Cornea and cataract; Drs. Esen Akpek, Allen Eghrari, John Gottsch, Irene Kuo, Oliver Schein, Shameema Sikder, Uri Soiberman and Robert Weinberg
Neuro-ophthalmology; Drs. Neil Miller, Thomas (Mac) Bosley, Amanda Henderson, Andrew Carey and Timothy McCulley
Pathophysiology of Eye-Movement Disorders and Nystagmus; Dr. David Zee
Ocular Tumors; Methods of Diagnosis and Treatment; Dr. James Handa
Oculoplastics: Drs. Nicholas Iliff, Ncholas Mahoney, Timothy McCulley, and Shannath Merbs
Ocular Epidemiology: Drs. Harry Quigley, Pradeep Ramulu, Oliver Schein and Sheila West
Refractive eye surgery; Dr. Kraig S. Bower
Sickle-cell eye disease; Dr. Morton Goldberg and Dr. Adrienne Scott
Angiogenesis Research and Controlled Drug Delivery; Dr. Henry Brem
Uveitis; Scleritis, Cytomegalovirus Retinitis, Autoimmune Diseases of the Eye; Dr. Richard Semba and Dr. Jennifer Thorne
Surgical Retina: Drs. Peter Campochiaro, Peter Gehlbach, James Handa, Adrienne Scott and Ingrid Zimmer-Galler
Medical Informatics and Electronic Health Record; Dr. Michael Boland
Retinal Molecular Biology; Dr. Don Zack
Surgical Education; Dr. Shameema Sikder
Automation of eye exam, telemedicine, optimization of clinic flow; Dr. Eric Singman
Pediatric ophthalmology and adult strabismus; Dr. Megan Collins
Pediatric ophthalmology and Public Health and/or Health care policy; Dr. Megan Collins
Medical ethics; Dr. Megan Collins
Engineering in Ophthalmology; Dr. Peter Gehlbach