Center for Biotechnology Education

The Center for Biotechnology Education, established in 2010, expands the scope of biotechnology education at home and abroad to build a pipeline of students and professionals ready to succeed in graduate school, K-12 education, and the work environment in the fields of biotechnology, bioinformatics, regulatory science, and bioscience business and leadership. The mission of the Center for Biotechnology Education is to increase public awareness and understanding of biotechnology, inform educators of the resources and programs available locally and nationally, become a resource center for biotechnology information, coordinate training workshops for students and professionals, and secure funds in support of biotechnology training and education locally, nationally, and internationally. The goals of the center are to develop partnerships with industry and government organizations to provide community outreach, professional development educational opportunities, workshops, research symposia, and lecture series for academia, industry, and the general public.

Biotechnology, the application of biological systems to solve problems or make useful products, continues to expand with discoveries and lifesaving products at a breathtaking pace. The biotechnology industry harnesses advances in microbiology, cell biology, molecular biology, immunology, genomics, and proteomics to move discoveries and ideas out of the laboratory and into the product development pipeline. This dynamic field demands a multidisciplinary workforce skilled in basic research, drug discovery technologies, bioinformatics, regulatory affairs, and product commercialization.

Johns Hopkins University offers students the ability to learn, advance, and succeed in this exciting field, with a variety of learning opportunities designed to meet the needs of working adults.