A maximum of six graduate-level semester credit hours can be applied to SON programs in the Johns Hopkins School of Nursing for course(s) previously taken from outside the School of Nursing. In addition, another 3 credits from an accredited DNP program can be applied to the PhD program. Course(s) must have been completed within five years of starting the degree program at JHSON.

The following SON courses are eligible for transfer review in the MSN and DNP Programs and Post Master’s Certificates:

NR.210.606Biostatistics for Evidence-Based Practice3
NR.210.607Context of Health Care for Advanced Nursing Practice3
NR.210.608The Research Process and Its Application to Evidence-Based Practice3
NR.210.609Philosophical, Theoretical & Ethical Basis of Advanced Nursing Practice3
NR.210.610Health Promotion and Risk Reduction Across the Lifespan2

Credit transfers cannot be applied to the DNP Executive Program. Elective credits for any other program will be reviewed at the program director’s discretion.

Should a student apply to a subsequent School of Nursing degree program, a request for transfer of credit must be reviewed during the first semester of each program. It is not guaranteed that a waiver for one program will be approved for subsequent programs.

Students wishing to transfer any course from inside or outside the university must have earned a minimum grade of B in the course.

The request to transfer credit must be concluded prior to the second semester registration period. If a student is applying for a transfer of credit to replace first semester courses, the request must be made prior to the registration deadline of the first semester. If a student needs to take a course outside JHU once they have matriculated at the SON, they must obtain preauthorization prior to registering for the course.

Students who have taken graduate core courses at Johns Hopkins School of Nursing within the last five years do not need to complete the Transfer of Graduate Credit form.

It is the student’s responsibility to work with the Office of Financial Aid to determine if any changes to the plan of study will change eligibility for financial aid. Students receiving VA benefits should also contact the Office of the Registrar to determine if changes to the plan of study will change eligibility for these benefits.

To begin the process, please download the Transfer of Graduate Credits into JHSON form.