Policy Statement

The Johns Hopkins University (“JHU” or “University”) is committed to the personal, academic, and professional well-being and development of its students, trainees, faculty, staff, post-doctoral fellows, clinical residents, and all other members of the University community. In particular, the University is committed to fostering an environment that promotes academia and professional success for all members of its community by addressing behaviors that can undermine the important missions of our institution. The University seeks to create and maintain an atmosphere of mutual respect, collegiality, fairness, and trust. The Personal Relationships Policy (the "Policy") implements the University's commitment to maintaining the integrity of its educational and working environment. This Policy focuses on the conflict of interest that may exist when individuals simultaneously engage in both personal and professional relationships in which one individual has the potential to exert substantial academic or professional influence over the other.

For comprehensive information about this policy, please visit https://policies.jhu.edu.