Program Requirements

Major Area
PY.710.634Baroque Counterpoint 13
Select two Analysis Courses 26
Select one Twentieth Century Analysis Course 23
PY.710.649Music Theory Pedagogy3
PY.710.650Theory Pedagogy Internship3
PY.710.685Music Theory Pedagogy Project3
The Breakthrough Curriculum
PY.123.611Building a Brand and Portfolio2
PY.123.612Pitching Your Creative Idea2
Supportive Courses in Music
PY.610.651Music Bibliography2
PY.610.6xxMusicology Seminars6
Total Credits37
Plan of Study Grid
First Year
First SemesterCredits
PY.710.634 Baroque Counterpoint 3
PY.710.649 Music Theory Pedagogy 3
PY.123.611 Building a Brand and Portfolio 2
PY.610.651 Music Bibliography 2
Second Semester
Analysis Course 3
PY.123.612 Pitching Your Creative Idea 2
PY.610.6xxMusicology Seminars 3 1
Second Year
First Semester
Twentieth Century Analysis Course 3
PY.710.650 Theory Pedagogy Internship 3 3
Second Semester
Analysis Course 3
PY.710.685 Music Theory Pedagogy Project 3
PY.610.6xxMusicology Seminars 3
 Total Credits37