ME.370.601.  Psychiatry Core Clerkship.  0 Credits.  

Core clerkship in psychiatry

ME.370.650.  Genes to Society - Mind, Brain, Behavior.  0 Credits.  

In Brain, Mind and Behavior (BMB) students will begin to access patient's mental states, behaviors, traits, and stories and to identify the pschological factors that differentitate patients as individuals. Although the main clinical focus is on psychiatric disorder, the perspectives introduced in BMB are of use in any clinical setting where the pathogphysiology is either unknown or unable to usefully explain varriation in patient presentation and treatment response. By the end of the course, students will be familari with the major psychiatric disorders and treatments, with basic principles of behavioral biology, and with a pluralistic approach to address the problems of complex patients.

ME.370.651.  Neurogastroenterology Mechanisms of Depression.  2 Credits.  
ME.370.699.  Psychiatry Elective.  0 Credits.  

For Medical Students only. Specialized Topics in Psychiatry. Refer to Medical Student Electives Book located at

ME.370.710.  Research in Neurogastroenterologic Mechanisms of Depression.  2 Credits.  


ME.370.801.  Research Practicum.  0 Credits.