Withdrawal Policy

Students must sometimes withdraw from the school (leaving the school with no intention of returning)Before a student seeks a withdrawal, the student must consult with their Academic/Faculty Advisor and/or other resources available to assist with such a decision (Student Affairs, Program Director, etc.) 

To begin the process, a student downloads and completes the JHSON Withdrawal Form.  The student then meets with their Academic/Faculty Advisor, Track Director or Program Director to discuss this decision. The withdrawal form must be signed by the Advisor/Track Director and the Program Director before the withdrawal is final. 

Please note:

  • Financial Aid staff will recalculate the eligibility for federal Title IV student financial assistance for the student (if appropriate) and complete the JHU paperwork for this process.
  • All international students who are in F-1 and J-1 visa status must follow a set of immigration regulations as outlined by the U.S. Government in order to maintain their international student status. Students who are in F-1 and J-1 visit status must meet with the JHU Office of International Student Services to discuss the decision to withdraw from the SON before submitting a completed Withdrawal Form. 

  • If the student receives any funding from external resources such as grants, fellowships, and scholarships, they must follow the procedures outlined in their award notification. If the award is administered by JHU & their enrollment status changes, they must update the academic, finance, and research administration team (NORA). In cases where the student is the PI, they must also partner with the appropriate SON research administrator in NORA to notify the sponsor. 

  • Students who withdraw from JHSON in good standing may be considered for readmission.