A Notification of Missed Clinical Time is given to a student who is not present for any portion of the clinical hours in a course. Clinical hours also includes laboratory and simulation. Accurate documentation of clinical hours in the program is required for every student. Missed clinical hours include the following:

  • the entire clinical time is missed
  • the student arrives late for clinical
  • the student leaves clinical early

At the discretion of the Clinical Course Coordinator in conjunction with the Clinical Instructor, a clinical make up assignment may be given to a student who misses clinical time. Students may provide documentation of illness or other excuses for missing time, which will be noted. Even with documentation, a Notification of Missed Clinical Time will be sent to the student.

A Notification of Missed Clinical Time is a written document, prepared by a faculty member who is responsible for the course, and sent to the student, the student’s Academic Advisor(s), the Director of the program, and additional course faculty who are working directly with the student or course.