History of Art Major Requirements

(Also see Requirements for a Bachelor's Degree.)

Because the department emphasizes the historical, cultural, and social context of art, art history is an excellent program for undergraduates interested in a broadly humanistic education as well as for those preparing for a career in the field. A departmental faculty advisor assigned to each undergraduate major helps plan individual courses of study. Undergraduates are encouraged to participate fully in all departmental activities. 

  • A grade of C- or higher must be achieved for every course taken as part of the major.
  • Courses used to satisfy major requirements may not be taken satisfactory/unsatisfactory. 
Core Courses
AS.010.101Introduction to Art History I4
AS.010.102Introduction to Art History II4
AS.010.413Historical and Conceptual Bases of Art History 13
Five Advanced-Level Courses (010.2xx-4xx) 2
One course in ancient art history 3
One course in medieval art history3
One course in renaissance/early modern art history3
One course in modern art history3
One course in any period 3
Three Additional Courses
Three elective courses. Only one may be at the 100-level and electives must be in the department (AS.010.xxx) or cross-listed with History of Art. 9
Intermediate Knowledge of a Modern Foreign Language 3
Proficiency is verified by completion of courses through the second semester of the intermediate level or higher.0-14
Total Credits35-49

Sample Program of Study

First Year
First SemesterCreditsSecond SemesterCredits
Foreign Language4Foreign Language4
 8 8
Second Year
First SemesterCreditsSecond SemesterCredits
Ancient Art Course3Medieval Art Course3
Foreign Language3Foreign Language3
 6 6
Third Year
First SemesterCreditsSecond SemesterCredits
Rennaisance/Early Modern Art Course3AS.010.4133
Art History Elective3Modern Art Course3
 3 6
Fourth Year
First SemesterCreditsSecond SemesterCredits
Any Period Course3Art History Elective3
Art History Elective3 
 6 3
Total Credits 46

Honors Program in History of Art

For graduation with honors, students must have a cumulative GPA of 3.7 or higher in History of Art and successfully complete an honors thesis.


  • The honors thesis comprises a significant expansion and deepening of a paper in a 400-level seminar into a 20-25 page paper, with figures, bibliography, and any appendices constituting additional pages.
  • Students pursuing honors must make a formal request to do so in conjunction with a proposed mentor via the Honors Thesis Form.
  • While writing the thesis, students enroll in Honors Thesis credits (AS.010.521 Honors Thesis, 3 credits). These credits are in addition to the normal major requirements and do not count as an elective or advanced course