Policy Statement

The Johns Hopkins University’s nine academic divisions operate under a variety of semester and other term systems, in which credits (equivalently, credit hours) are awarded, and alternative systems with equivalent measures wherein credit hours are not awarded. The Credit Hour Policy (“Policy”) codifies practices across Johns Hopkins University (“JHU” or “University”) schools regarding the awarding of credit hours, in accordance with Federal, State, and accreditation guidelines. This Policy applies equally to all credit-bearing courses regardless of duration, mode of delivery, or instructional format.

The full Credit Hour Policy can be found by searching the University's Policy and Document Library here: https://policies.jhu.edu/

School of Nursing Specific Information

The School of Nursing Academic Credit Hour Policy describes how academic credits are calculated for clinical hours including laboratory clinical hours.

For clinical/laboratory experiences, one academic credit is equal to 4 hours of clinical/laboratory experience in all programs and tracks except the DNP Nurse Anesthesia Track. Thus, one clinical/laboratory/practicum credit hour is calculated as 4 clock hours per week per semester week, which is equal to 56 clock hours/semester for 1 credit.

One academic credit is equal to 8 hours in the clinical setting in the DNP nurse anesthesia track (112 clock hours).

This policy applies to students enrolled in a Johns Hopkins School of Nursing course.