Certificate Programs

Four certificate programs are offered by the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering:

Postdoctoral Opportunities

Postdoctoral fellows spend virtually all their time conducting research in the laboratory of their faculty mentor. While the focus is on conducting research, in consultation with their faculty mentor, postdoctoral fellows have the opportunity to take selected courses that may advance their training and research capabilities. Attending and giving seminars, journal clubs, and participating in research retreats are also an integral part of the postdoctoral training experience.

A prospective postdoctoral candidate should directly contact a member of the Department of Environmental Health and Engineering faculty with whom they wish to work. The faculty member will request letters of reference and an interview may be required as well. Once the faculty member decides to accept a postdoctoral fellow, the departmental chair or administrator is notified for approval, including verification of adequate funding for the postdoctoral candidate. Once the department approves the appointment, an acceptance letter with details on funding and terms of appointment is sent to the postdoctoral candidate.

Summer Institute in Environmental Health and Engineering

The Summer Institute courses are designed for practicing public health professionals with responsibilities for health, safety, and environmental matters in government agencies, non-government organizations, and industry; and for students who are interested in learning more about environmental health sciences concepts. The courses may be taken for academic or non-credit. The Summer Institute in Environmental Health and Engineering is held in June.