PY.520.615.  Pedagogy Internship.  2 Credits.  

The internship is intended to provide a one-year supervised work experience during which students are expected to demonstrate the ability to present well-planned and engaging classes and lessons. The primary focus is to further develop teaching skill in a studio setting.

PY.520.617.  Internship Seminar.  1 Credit.  

The seminar is intended to provide a forum for the following activities and discussion topics: sharing of successful teaching experiences, group review of videotapes, microteaching, discussion of recordkeeping systems, the business of teaching music, motivational techniques for special situations, and the importance of the parent and parent-teacher relationship.

PY.520.618.  Portfolio Development.  1 Credit.  

Guidance in professional portfolio development. The result will be a professional portfolio which is an organized collection of materials which demonstrate the intern’s educational philosophy, knowledge of materials, experience in teaching, professional references, audio and video recording of teaching and performance obtained or collected during the first three semesters of graduate work. In addition, students will discuss employment opportunities, practice answering questions frequently used in the interview process and discuss how to effectively use their portfolio to gain a position as a studio instructor..