By applying some courses simultaneously toward the requirements for the Bachelor of Arts degree and a Master of Arts degree, an advanced student can qualify for both degrees during the four years of undergraduate study. Admission to the BA/MA Program is by the standard graduate application form, completed and submitted no later than April 30 of the undergraduate student’s junior year of study. With the application, the applicant must supply an official copy of the current transcript and a statement of purpose. The GRE exams are not required, and the graduate application fee is waived. In addition, the applicant must have one member of the faculty of the Department of Mathematics submit a letter of recommendation.

And while the application process for the  BA/MA program is not competitive, it is contingent on the following:

  • A current GPA of least a 3.0/4.0 in the 400-level mathematics courses taken while resident at the university, and
  • at the time of application, a student must be a candidate for the honors designation in the undergraduate degree.

MA Degree Requirements

  • Student must complete four graduate courses offered by the Department of Mathematics above and beyond the core requirements of the undergraduate major.  A graduate course that already serves to satisfy an undergraduate major requirement does not also qualify as one of these four.   
  • Either one of the graduate courses or an additional course must be completed from the Topology/Geometry category of courses.

All courses used to satisfy the requirements must be completed with a grade of B- or better.

Note that the BA/MA must be completed within the four years that the student is an undergraduate, and that graduate student financial support is not available for BA/MA candidates.

All interested students must contact the academic program coordinator prior to applying.