Donation Drive Policy

November 19, 2018

The Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health (JHSPH) permits five major School-wide donation drives per year (1 per each of the School’s academic terms) to support outside needs of SOURCE partnering community-based organizations in Baltimore. These drives are coordinated by SOURCE (the community engagement and service-learning center for the JHU Schools of Public Health, Nursing, and Medicine) and include a campus-wide food drive, toiletry drive, and other collections throughout the year. Clothing drives are excluded from these collections.

This practice ensures the validity and success of these types of events each year and frees the School’s hallways and common spaces for the numerous alumni and friends visiting the School, as well as conferences, speakers, and receptions that occur on school premises on a daily basis. As proponents of advocacy, volunteerism, donating, and service to the community, we seek to maximize our efforts and integrity in activities with the community.

Any student, student group, or department wishing to organize, coordinate or co-sponsor a donation drive should first contact SOURCE at 410-955-3880 or SOURCE can provide additional support, as well as ensure that drives do not overlap with one another. Those interested in organizing a donation drive should coordinate with SOURCE.

If departments or groups wish to host smaller donation drives, contained within their own departmental spaces and not utilizing common school locations, these activities may be acceptable. Groups should consult with SOURCE to be sure that smaller drives do not conflict with existing campus-wide donation drives.