Program Requirements

(See also General Requirements for Departmental Majors)

The B.A. in biomedical engineering requires 120 credits.  The courses listed below must either be taken for a grade or passed by examination for advanced credit. See the Biomedical Engineering Undergraduate website for additional information.

Basic Sciences
AS.171.101General Physics: Physical Science Major I4
or AS.171.107 General Physics for Physical Sciences Majors (AL)
AS.171.102General Physics: Physical Science Major II4
or AS.171.108 General Physics for Physical Science Majors (AL)
AS.173.111General Physics Laboratory I1
AS.173.112General Physics Laboratory II1
AS.030.101Introductory Chemistry I3
AS.030.102Introductory Chemistry II3
AS.030.105Introductory Chemistry Laboratory I1
AS.030.106Introductory Chemistry Laboratory II1
Mathematics 1
AS.110.108Calculus I (Physical Sciences & Engineering)4
AS.110.109Calculus II (For Physical Sciences and Engineering)4
AS.110.202Calculus III4
or AS.110.211 Honors Multivariable Calculus
EN.553.291Linear Algebra and Differential Equations4
Computer Programming
EN.500.112Gateway Computing: JAVA3
or EN.500.113 Gateway Computing: Python
or EN.500.114 Gateway Computing: Matlab
Humanities and Social Sciences
Select courses from a coherent program, with at least 9 credits chosen from one department, including at least one 300-level course. 224
Biomedical Core
EN.580.111Biomedical Engineering and Design2
EN.580.151Structural Biology of Cells3
EN.580.153Structural Biology of Cells Laboratory1
EN.580.221Biochemistry and Molecular Engineering4
EN.580.241Statistical Physics2
EN.580.242Biological Models and Simulations2
EN.580.243Linear Signals and Systems2
EN.580.244Nonlinear Dynamics of Biological Systems2
EN.580.246Systems and Controls2
EN.580.248Systems Biology of the Cell2
EN.580.475Biomedical Data Science2
EN.580.477Biomedical Data Science Laboratory1
EN.580.485Computational Medicine: Cardiology2
EN.580.487Computational Medicine: Cardiology Laboratory1
Select two of the following core electives:6
Neuroengineering and Lab
Microphysiological Systems and Laboratory
Cell and Tissue Engineering Lab
Immunoengineering Principles and Applications
Methods in Nucleic Acid Sequencing Lab
Build an Imager
Select at least 25 additional credits needed to complete the 120 credit requirement for the BA degree. 25

While not required, EN.553.310 or EN.553.311 Probability and Statistics is highly recommended prior to enrolling in EN.580.475 and EN.580.477 Data Science and Laboratory.


At least four semesters of writing intensive courses and at least two semesters of a modern foreign language.