Policy Statement

Johns Hopkins University recognizes the importance of balancing the family and academic responsibilities faced by new parents and promoting the well-being of their families. The University is supportive of accommodating eligible full-time graduate students and full-time postdoctoral fellows, scholars and trainees (collectively “postdoctoral trainees”) who are expecting a new child. Consistent with grant funding policies that place a limit of 8 weeks for parental leave, all eligible full-time graduate students and postdoctoral trainees shall receive no less than 8 weeks of fully-paid new child accommodations.

Each school has in place provisions for taking a formal leave of absence, which is an option at any time for students and trainees who are new parents. Electing this option relieves students of all university responsibilities but comes with consequences that may suspend students’ privileges and access to university benefits and resources. This option may also have visa consequences for international students. The goal of this Policy is to put in place a set of guidelines for full-time graduate students and postdoctoral trainees who have new family additions who do not elect a formal leave of absence.

Full Policy

The full policy can be found in the Policy and Document Library here: https://www.jhu.edu/assets/uploads/2017/06/newchildaccommgradandpostdoc.pdf