Islamic Studies Minor Requirements

The Islamic Studies Program meets the need for accurate and rigorous knowledge of a religious tradition that has shaped countless aspects of human history and culture, stands at the center of political and cultural debates in the United States, and yet continues to be examined reductively in the public square. The multidisciplinary minor in Islamic Studies provides the intellectual training to approach Islam - and the world - in a historically and culturally informed manner, challenging stereotypes while exploring the diversity, complexity, and creativity of Islam and Muslim communities world-wide. Special community-engaged courses also offer experiential opportunities in and around Baltimore that introduce students to lived religion and encourage self-awareness, critical consciousness, and sustained connections with organizations and communities in the city.

The minor in Islamic Studies is open to all undergraduates regardless of major. All courses must be taken for letter grades and receive a grade of C- or higher. To count toward the minor, courses must, as a general rule, be worth three credits or more. Exceptions require the approval of the Director of Undergraduate Studies for the Program in Islamic Studies. Courses directly equivalent to JHU courses taken at other universities may count towards requirements; however non-direct equivalent external courses must be approved by the department’s director of undergraduate studies.  In all cases, at least four of the six required Islamic Studies courses required of the minor must be taken at JHU.

Courses 1, 2
Four Islamic studies elective courses at any level12
Two Islamic studies elective courses at the 300 level or above6
Total Credits18

To complete the minor, students must complete both six courses and earn at least 18 credits. This is true even though some language courses count for more than three credits per semester (e.g., 4.5 credits). Courses that are at least 3 credits with the POS-Tag ISLM-ISLMST apply towards the minor.


A maximum of two of these courses may be language courses at any level.  Languages can include: Arabic (which is offered at Homewood), Persian (which is offered at the School of Advanced International Studies [SAIS] in Washington, DC), Bahasa Indonesia (also offered at SAIS), Bahasa Malaysia, Bengali, Hausa, Punjabi, Turkish, and Urdu.  Additional languages may be approved by the Director of Undergraduate Studies.