Registration Regulations


Full-time students may audit a Conservatory class with the permission of the instructor. Auditors do not complete tests or assignments, but they are expected to attend class regularly. A student must have a course registered as audit with the written permission of the instructor and a clear understanding of the instructor’s expectations by the sixth week of the semester as noted on the academic calendar. Once a course is registered as audit, the grade of AU will be assigned which does not count for academic credit or figure into the number of attempted credits.  A course registered as audit may not be converted to a letter grade for credit, but a student may be administratively withdrawn from an audit registration at the request of the instructor for not attending.

Change of Major

Students requesting a change of major must qualify for the new major through auditions and interviews with appropriate faculty. To initiate a change of major, a student should complete a ‘Change of Major’ form available in the Admissions Office. In the case of adding or dropping a Music Education or Recordings Major, students should submit an academic petition instead.

Change of Studio

In instances where there are compelling reasons for requesting a change, a student may request a change by submitting an academic petition. See Studio Assignments.

Course Changes and Withdrawals

The Registrar’s Office must approve all course additions, withdrawals, or changes. Courses or lessons dropped within the first four weeks of a semester will be deleted from the student’s registration. However, withdrawals will not become effective until the properly signed forms are received in the Registrar’s Office. Courses dropped after the fourth week of the semester will be recorded with an automatic grade of W.

The deadline for changing sections or withdrawing from classes is the end of the 10th week of the semester. Exact deadline dates are listed in the Academic Calendar. Courses may not be changed from Credit to Audit after the sixth week of the semester.